Four Days In Berlin: Eating Out

Bratwurst At Wittenbergplatz Farmers Market

If  you’re in the mood for bratwurst, Berlin is the right place to be. Traditional German cuisine is an adventure in itself.  The traditional German diet is plentiful.  It can also be kind of heavy.

Mobile Brats At Alexanderplatz

There are lots of opportunities to have a taste.  There are brats on the grill at any number of neighborhood street fairs.  For lunch on a Friday, we enjoyed bratwurst and sauerkraut at the farmers market at Wittenbergplatz.

Several stands serve them up at most hours of the day (along with plenty of varieties of beer).  There are also brats for sale at any number of major subway stations thanks to a few peculiar mobile bratwurst grills that are literally worn by the vendors.

If you’re in the mood for a few of Germany’s other staples, like perhaps spätzle or schupfnudel, at more of a sit down setting, Berlin will not disappoint in that area either.  But honestly, Berlin is such an international city, we really had to search for the traditional German dining opportunity.


Breakfast At Café Bäckerei

I am usually open to all variety of breakfast adventures.  But on this trip, it seemed comforting to start the day with a basic breakfast.  The problem I often have with a basic breakfast it’s often built around eggs.  I’ll forgo the details about why I don’t eat eggs (it has to do with my childhood in the country, and farm fresh eggs).

On this trip, we discovered the egg is not only the centerpiece of each breakfast, but sometimes the star soloist, especially at the restaurant in our hotel.  So lucky for me, we discovered a great cafe and bakery just around the corner from the hotel.

Every morning we planned out each day over coffee, sandwiches and pastries.





Tarts And Coffee At Galeries Lafayette Food Court

A vacation should not just be an opportunity to see a few sights and take a few pictures.  It should also be a chance to let loose a little and indulge that sweet tooth.  And if you’re in a city like Berlin, where you will be doing lots of walking, you’ll burn off the calories of a sweet snack or dessert easily.  There are coffee shops galore throughout the more touristy areas of the city.  One of our favorites is a small local chain called Balzac Coffee.

If you’re in a shopping mood and need a little something sweet to hold you over, the food court in the basement of the Galeries Lafayette served up all varieties of food and some really choice desserts and coffee.






Dinner At Ristorante Caruso

For breakfast, lunch, dinner and every snack in between it’s very easy to find a wide variety of international tastes.  In the Mitte, the booming central core of the former East Berlin, you’ll find Vietnamese, Italian and everything in between.

The possibilities for discovery are boundless.  But if you’re looking to have a satisfying dinner without the endless searching we have a few suggestions.


When it comes to dinner time, we didn’t venture too far from our hotel. Partly because we found a great row of restaurants of every variety at the corner of Winterfeldstrasse and Maassenstrasse.

For Italian we enjoyed Ristorante Caruso.  Moderately priced and more than met expectation, it’s a good place for a familiar dinner.


A Feast At Amrit

For more delicious food than we could possibly eat in one sitting we enjoyed Amrit Indian Restaurant.

Amrit serves up a dinner special that is truly spectacular!   It includes two cocktails and four courses; soup, salad, dinner and dessert.

The dinner portion includes three dishes (the chicken tikka masala is wonderful) and a boatload of rice.

There was so much food, we didn’t think we could have dessert.  But when it arrived, is was too tasty to pass up.

Along the same row there is also a Spanish Tapas restaurant, French Cuisine, Chinese, and a kebab shop.



Traditional German Fare at Rastsätte Gnadenbrot

In the same neighborhood, but a few streets over we enjoyed a basic German dinner at one of the quirkiest places I’ve ever experienced, Raststätte Gnadenbrot.

The food is not spectacular, but it’s pretty good. This was our opportunity to sample German standards like spätzle and schupfnudel.

What I enjoyed the most, was the odd way a customer retrieves an order.

You place order with your waiter, when your food is ready a little lamp at the table lights up, then you go to a pickup window in the corner of the restaurant and fetch your tray of food.

The decor is also part of the charm of the place.  It’s as if it fell out of a German high art film of the 1970’s.

It’s kitschy wonderful!



Dining in the Shonenberg District turned out to be one of the most satisfying discoveries of our visit to Berlin.

If you would like to stop in on any of the restaurants we visited, you can check out their locations on the map.