Wangfujing “Snack” Street, Beijing


Starfish Anyone?


(Beijing, CHINA) I heard that Chinese food in China is very different than Chinese Food in the United States.  On my last day of my visit to Beijing… I learned just how different it is.

One of my favorite parts of any trip is the food.
On a scale of 1 to 10 rating adventurous eaters, I used to think I was about a 7 or 8.   My major aversion is eggs (it’s rooted in a bad experience with a fried egg as a kid).

But on my vacation to Beijing, I learned I’m more of a 5 or 6.

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A Piece Of Naval History Leaves San Francisco Bay



(SAN FRANCISCO)  One of my favorite parts of being a reporter in San Francisco is the opportunity to witness historic moments.

I’m also a bit of a kid when it comes to ships, cars, airplanes, buildings and bridges.  So when I was assigned to covering the departure of the USS Iowa from the Port of Richmond and the San Francisco Bay, I was more than happy.  Actually, I was downright giddy!

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Berkeley’s Cafe Fanny Closes


(Berkeley)  I’ve become a bit of a foodie over the years.  But I don’t often get to report much on restaurant news.  So it was a blessing and a curse to be assigned this story.  I loved reporting about this cafe, which was co-founded 28 years ago by Bay Area Chef Extraordinaire Alice Waters.  I was sad however to report that this was their last day open.  And I was one of many who never got to sample this corner cafe’s French fare.

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San Francisco Gold’s Gym Franchises Cut Ties With Corporate

Gold's Gym San Francisco

(San Francisco)  The owners of four Gold’s Gym franchises in the San Francisco Bay Area have announced plans to cut their ties to the chain over political contributions by Robert Rowling, CEO TRT Holdings.

TRT Holdings is a conglomerate that owns Gold’s Gym.  Robert Rowling has been identified as one of the biggest donors to American Crossroads, a conservative political group headed by former Bush Administration operative Karl Rove.

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9th Circuit Tosses Catholic Suit Against San Francisco

9th Circuit Court San Francisco

(San Francisco)  A split panel on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected a lawsuit filed by Catholics who oppose the city of San Francisco’s criticism of the Church over Gay Adoption.

An eight judge majority supported prior decisions by lower courts stemming from a 2006 resolution by the San Francisco Supervisors.

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Sonoma County Defends Against Lawsuit

Sonoma_County_ca_sealAn attorney for Sonoma County says workers separated two senior men who lived together for  20 years because of domestic violence.

Greg Spaulding, an attorney representing Sonoma County, said case workers placed 88 year old Harold Scull in a county senior facility because he accused partner Clay Greene of domestic abuse.

But a civil lawsuit filed by Mr. Greene tells a very different story.  According to the suit, Mr. Scull fell one evening at the home they’ve shared for more than 20 years.   Greene called 911, and when Scull was taken to the hospital, county workers refused to allow him to see his longtime partner.

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