Berlin’s Gay Neighborhoods


Fuggerstrasse In Schonenberg

When the city was divided into East and West Berlin, the Schonenberg District slowly began developing a vibrant gay and lesbian community.

As the wall came down in 1989, the community here continued to grow.

Now gay and lesbian households blend seamlessly with their straight neighbors is most of the district.

But along two streets, for quite a few blocks, it’s clear that residents have established a visible “Gayborhood”.

For a full block along Fuggerstrasse, there are dozens of clubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels and all manner of other businesses catering to the Queer community.

For about two blocks along Motzsrasse, there are dozens more.

For a full listing of all the pubs and clubs, you can check out an excellent map here.

Out And Proud In Berlin

Clubbing in Berlin is a late night affair.  And that is especially true in the gay districts.

We quickly learned the locals have a few beers at the neighborhood bars before making their way out to the clubs at about 1:30am.

Berlin’s Gay Pride Festival, called Stadtfest Berlin, is held in the neighborhood.  It’s described as the largest such festival in Europe, attracting nearly half a million people to the city.

You can check out the festival web site here.


Kreuzberg is also included among the former West Berlin neighborhoods as having a vibrant gay and lesbian community.

In the former East Berlin, pockets of of Gay and Lesbian communities have now grown into very established parts of the neighborhoods.

Prenzlauer Berg is one of the major districts in the former East Berlin with an active Gay and Lesbian Community.

Same goes for Freidrichshain, but on a smaller scale.