Four Days In Berlin: Getting Around


S Bahn Station

To get into the city center, the easiest and least expensive way is by bus.

Berlin’s bus system is the BVG.  The BVG web site includes a trip planner and very accurate time schedule.  The X9 Express Bus connects Tagel Airport to the Zoologischer Garten (the zoo), which is in the city center.  Buy at ticket at the BVG kiosk inside the Tagel Airport terminal, or you can pay the bus driver once you board.  Catch the X9 as well as other lines right outside the airport terminal.  The X9 only makes a few stops along the way, so it’s a prompt 20-30 minute drive to the city center.

S Bahn Train

Once you are in the city, the quickest way to get around is through the intricate system of subway lines, street rail lines (trams) and elevated trains.  The two main systems are the S Bahn and the U Bahn.  The S Bahn serves the city and several of Berlin’s suburbs.  The U Bahn is primarily an underground city line.  BVG has a great interactive map of all the city lines, their stations and destinations.
Taking an extended trip out of the city easy. Berlin is the hub of of Germany’s rail system, the Deutsche Bahn.  You can also book an international train aboard Europe Rail through the DB site.
I quick word of warning!  There are several suburbs of Berlin that are served by by both the S-Bahn and the DB trains.  If you have a choice, pick the S-Bahn train.  It will be much less expensive and likely more convenient.