Four Days In Berlin


The Brandenberg Gate

Berlin is a city that is steeped in history.  Yet it remains a cutting edge capital of politics, arts, and culture. For the casual traveler, it’s a city that is very easy to navigate and is full of plenty of places to see, great food to eat and lots to experience.

On our four day visit, we cover plenty of ground in and around the city. Based on our short stay, we summarize a few easy ways to get from place to place. And, we  share a few of the discoveries we make along the way.


Berliner Dom And TV Tower


If you’re planning on visiting Berlin, you are probably already researching what sites you want to take in.  So, the aim of this story is not to campaign for any particular attraction.  Each vacationer likes to dissect their destination according to their own personal interests.  Which is to say, a city like Berlin is chock full of experiences for just about every vacationer.  But not everyone wants to see the same things. This guide will highlight a few of our adventures.  And the aim is to give you some useful bits of information that may help make your adventures a little easier.


Tagel Airport


We flew from San Francisco with one connection through New York.  It was a very easy flight, and since we traveled just before the height of Berlin’s tourist season, the deal we snagged was unbelievable.  We found a deal that offered round trip flights for two and a hotel for four nights for a little more than $1500! I would love to see Berlin in the height of the summer.  But on a budget, both in time and money, it’s never a bad idea to pick a premier city like Berlin to visit off season.  It never sleeps.  And everything is open for business year round.

Navigating Berlin

One of the easiest ways to save money and time is by using Berlin’s excellent public transportation system. We have a few suggestions and links to help you plan your adventures.

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Foodie Finds


For those of you traveling foodies, Berlin should not disappoint.  The eating opportunities run the gambit from street bratwurst vendors, to full course dinners with every international flavor you can think of.  But not every meal is a gem for the palate.  The good news about eating out in Berlin is that it’s a pretty safe place to explore gastronomically.



A Few Dining Suggestions

Berlin has a wide range of eating opportunities. We’ve discovered a few that should satisfy your palate while keeping you from falling into an overpriced tourist trap.

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Since our visit to Berlin, there have been some fatal cases of a rare strain of E Coli.  The Centers for Disease Control determined the culprit was bean sprouts grown at an organic farm in northern Germany.  For the latest updates on this, as well as suggestions for safer eating, you can visit the Centers for Disease Control website here.


Schonenberg District

Nearly every major city in Europe has a gay neighborhood.  But Berlin offers much more to the GLBT traveler.  Modern Berlin is a phenomenally progressive city that not only welcomes the Gay and Lesbian community, but encourages and acknowledges their accomplishments and trials.  For example, in 2008 Berlin unveiled the Gay and Lesbian Holocaust memorial.




Out And About

Berlin has a vibrant GLBT community, but there is not just ONE neighborhood. We have a few tips on how find what you’re looking for.

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