9th Circuit Tosses Catholic Suit Against San Francisco

9th Circuit Court San Francisco

(San Francisco)  A split panel on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected a lawsuit filed by Catholics who oppose the city of San Francisco’s criticism of the Church over Gay Adoption.

An eight judge majority supported prior decisions by lower courts stemming from a 2006 resolution by the San Francisco Supervisors.

The resolution denounced then Archbiship William Levada’s condemnation of same sex adoption. In Levada’s decree he said gay adoption, “would actually mean doing violence to these children.”

Levada has since been elevaded from Archbishop of San Francisco to a Cardinal at the Vatican where he’s charged with enforcing Church Doctrine.


The Supervisor’s resolution criticized Levada’s decree, and asked his successor and Catholic Charities to disregard it.

Instead, Catholic Charities stopped placing children with any San Francisco family — gay or straight.

The groups behind the lawsuit said San Francisco violated the US Constitution because of it’s lack of neutrality against the church.

A federal district judge and a three judge panel dissagreed, saying the city was not targeting the church, it was acting against discrimination.

This ruling by the majority of a larger ELEVEN judge panel backed the prior courts’ findings.

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