San Francisco Gold’s Gym Franchises Cut Ties With Corporate

Gold's Gym San Francisco

(San Francisco)  The owners of four Gold’s Gym franchises in the San Francisco Bay Area have announced plans to cut their ties to the chain over political contributions by Robert Rowling, CEO TRT Holdings.

TRT Holdings is a conglomerate that owns Gold’s Gym.  Robert Rowling has been identified as one of the biggest donors to American Crossroads, a conservative political group headed by former Bush Administration operative Karl Rove.

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9th Circuit Tosses Catholic Suit Against San Francisco

9th Circuit Court San Francisco

(San Francisco)  A split panel on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected a lawsuit filed by Catholics who oppose the city of San Francisco’s criticism of the Church over Gay Adoption.

An eight judge majority supported prior decisions by lower courts stemming from a 2006 resolution by the San Francisco Supervisors.

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