Testimony Ends In Prop 8 Case

Perry & Stier

Plaintiffs Perry & Stier

(SAN FRANCISCO) The final witness for supporters of Proposition 8 ended the trial phase of the Federal Civil Lawsuit.

David Blankenhorn is the founder of a conservative research group dedicated to publishing documents about preserving traditional families.

During cross examination by Plaintiff’s Attorney David Boies, the session often became contentious.

Blankenhorn was noticeably agitated.  US District Judge Vaughn Walker intervened on a few occasions, and at one point Blankenhorn seemed to snap at Judge Walker.

The conservative researcher was framed as the star witness for the defenders of Proposition 8.  On the stand he conceded a couple key points being argued by the plaintiffs.

Plaintiffs Zarelli & Katami

Plaintiffs Zarelli & Katami

Opponents of Proposition 8 have argued that Civil Partnerships are not the same as marriage.  So calling them the same is discriminatory.

Blankenhorn agreed.  He also agreed that marriage would benefit children of same sex parents.

Following the days testimony, the general council for supporters of Proposition 8 said he was impressed by much of the case presented by the plaintiffs.  But Andy Pugno said they failed in their central arguments.

“I think that the plaintiffs have established that there is a history of discrimination and there are people out there with gay bias, but I think they completely failed to show that the reason 7 million Californians went out and voted yes for Prop 8 was to do harm to same sex couples,” Pugno said.

David Boies, one of the lead attorneys for opponents of Proposition 8, said he is confident about their case.

“Preventing Gays and Lesbians from marrying hurts people, and does so for no good reason, and you heard that not only from our witnesses, but you heard that from their witnesses,” Boies said.

The end of testimony does not mean there will be a quick resolution to this lawsuit.  Closing arguments will not take place for months.   Both sides expect to return in March or April.

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