Prop 8 Postponement Denied, Trial To Be Broadcast Live To Courthouses Across The Country

(SAN FRANCISCO) The motion by supporters of Proposition 8 to postpone the broadcast of the federal lawsuit to overturn the public referendum has been denied by the 9th Circuit Court US Dist Courtof Appeals.

A brief decision issued Friday evening by Justices Bary Silverman, Richard Paez, and Carlos Bea turned down the motion, “Petitioners have not demonstrated that this case warrants the intervention of this court by means of the extraordinary remedy of mandamus.”

In a separate announcement by the US District Court Of Northern California, the Proposition 8 trial will be broadcast live via closed circuit video feed to five other locations.

The live feed will be linked to a room at the US Court of Appeals in Portland, Oregon, the Federal Courthouse in Seattle, Washington, the Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn, New York, the Federal Courthouse in Pasadena, California and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, California.

According to the statement, more locations could be announced.

This is the first federal trial to allow cameras in the courtroom.  It’s part of a pilot program that was first proposed in 1990.

During a pretrial hearing on the case January 6th, presiding US District Judge Vaughn Walker said the Federal Courts had proposed a short list of criteria for trials that could be televised.  According to the pilot program, the trial had to be a civil matter, not a criminal case.  It also could only be a bench trial, meaning a proceeding that did not include a jury.  And the case had to garner a certain amount of public interest.  Under that criteria, Judge Walker said the Proposition 8 lawsuit was an ideal fit for the pilot program.


  1. Louise says:

    This is an incredible decision- and hopefully we in the blogosphere can bring enough attention to the hearing to force MSM to cover in depth.

    The information that will come out during the hearing NEEDS to be brought to the attention of Americans completely unaware of NOM/Mormon machinations and tactics, of their involvement in so many other areas of the countries, of the countless lives damaged and rights denied to good people who were targeted by Gallagher, Brown, Schubert and their cohorts.

    That cameras/video are being permitted in a case with such widespread ramifications and historic precedent is utterly appropriate.

    An excellent write-up, Sergio, and I look forward to more future updates!

  2. Resan says:

    good stuff :) really enjoyed this article, i’ll read more on your blog after im done with work! =)

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