Motion Filed By Supporters Of Prop 8 To Postpone Broadcasting Federal Trial

US Dist Court(SAN FRANCISCO) A motion has been filed with the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals to postpone televising the Proposition 8 Federal Trial before US District Judge Vaughn Walker.

In two motions filed by supporters of Prop 8, attorneys asked Judge Walker to delay his order to upload the entire proceedings to YouTube.  Prop 8 supporters say they want the delay until the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reviews Walker’s decision.

The emergency petition was filed with the 9th Circuit Court and US District Court.   The 9th Circuit gave the plaintiffs in the case till 3pm Friday to file their response.

Yusef Robb, a spokesman with the American Foundation for Equal Rights, said they filed their response just before the 3pm deadline.

“We think the American People should be able to see this court in action as it weighs this important case,” Robb said in a brief phone conversation.

Theodore Olson, one of the lead attorneys in the Federal lawsuit to overturn Proposition 8, said following a recent hearing he believes this case is a perfect opportunity for the public to watch as constitutional issues are being decided.

Supporters of Prop 8 have opposed this trial being the pilot for the US Federal courts to televise trials in their entirety.  They argued during a January 6th hearing that televising this trial would imperil their clients and expose their witnesses to public intimidation.

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