Commentator Jeff Johnson Calls Out Black Religious Leaders In Houston For Their Role In Mayor’s Race

During the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show on Wednesday, regular contributor Jeff Johnson dedicated his rapid fire commentary to the Houston mayoral election and homophobia within the African American community.

He specifically called out a group of African American Pastors for their role in trying to derail the election of Annise Parker, Houston’s first openly homosexual mayor elect.

Johnson pointed out the Houston election was pretty typical with each candidate spending much of the race attacking each other on their records.  Parker’s sexual orientation didn’t become an issue until the final stages of the race.

“The gloves came off when a group of Black Pastors spoke out against Parker for what they called her ‘Gay Agenda’,” Johnson said in his commentary.

During his six minute address, Johnson further questioned the alliances that were built between Black Clergy and conservative white activists.

“What’s interesting to me is that many of the most vocal critics of Parker from the African American community were willing to unite with political conservatives that in many cases they wouldn’t even want to sit down at dinner with,” Johnson said,”they created the alliance based solely on this woman’s (Parker’s) sexual orientation.”

Johnson congratulated Houston voters, liberal and conservative, for casting their ballots based solely on the issues in the race.  He also called Parker’s campaign “Obama like” for trying to address the concerns of all Houston citizens.

As he wrapped up the commentary he broadened the dialogue to address the homophobia he sees in the larger African American Community.

“There was little need to attack a gay agenda that she (Parker) never said she was trying to address.  What this speaks to for me is the fact that we as a Black Community still have not been willing to have an honest conversation about the fact that we’re homophobic.”

You can hear Johnson’s full commentary here.

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