Girl Can Bring Girlfriend To Prom

(THARPTOWN, AL) An Alabama high school student who was told she could not bring her girl friend to the prom may be able to take the date of her choice after all.

May Be Allowed To Bring Girlfriend To Prom

May Be Allowed To Bring Girlfriend To Prom

Seventeen year old Tharptown High School junior Cynthia Stewart devoted lots of time and energy to the event.  She even helped create the theme of the prom for Tharptown High.

But according to American Civil Liberties Union attorney Christine Sun, the teenager got some bad news from her principal when she asked about bringing a date.

“She asked the principal if she could bring her girlfriend who goes to a different high school to the prom,” Sun said in a telephone interview, “and the principal told her no.”

Sun said the seventeen year old Stewart and her guardian asked school superintendent Gary Williams and members of the school board to reconsider the decision… to no avail.

Stewart and her guardian contacted the Alabama ACLU.  Within days Sun and her co-council sent a letter to the school demanding that Stewart be allowed to bring her girlfriend to the prom.

Included in the letter was a court decision on a similar case.

“There was a very recent decision in an Alabama State Court holding that gay students have a right to bring a same sex date to the prom,” Sun said.

School System Considering What To Do

School System Considering What To Do

Reached by phone, Superintendent Gary Williams said they resolved the situation.

“Cynthia will be allowed to bring her girlfriend to school,” Superintendent Williams said, “she will just have to go through the normal screening process that all guests from other schools have to go through.”

He said the screening process includes basic items, like making sure the other student is in good standing with her own school.

According reports by local media, the school system was trying to handle the situation before the ACLU got involved.
But ACLU Attorney Sun says she’s still waiting to hammer out details on the school systems decision.

“I still remain concerned that they will find some other so called non-discriminatory reason to disallow her from bringing her girlfriend to the prom.  So we’ll continue to monitor the situation,” Sun said.


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